Best Baby Shower Water Bottle Labels – How To Find Them?

A baby shower is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the joy of bringing a new life into the world. When planning a baby shower you’ll want to consider every detail. One of the things that follows planning a baby shower is the goal of finding the best baby shower water bottle labels. The best is required owing to the need to ensure that the fluid being taken into our bodies are safe and free from substances (biological or otherwise) that can be detrimental.

Below are five best water bottle labels for kids and for your baby shower



This brand of water bottles is perfect for all occasions including your baby shower. It’s beautiful combination of color and style alongside it’s amazing designs is sure to make a kid fall in love. The eddy is perfectly reusable and has zero possibilities of a leak or spill due to the no leak lid and no spill spout. Its designed strong enough to handle whatever a child would put it through. However the bottles insulation of the eddy keeps ice cold beverages cold for only a few hours.




This is a fun bottle that is sure to make any child fall in love and is an amazing option for your baby shower.  This water bottle label is uniquely made. It has a transparent lid with non leak valve and an angled straw. It holds up to 14 ounces of liquid and comes in diverse colors to enable you have a pick. The bottle is made from non toxic plastic for the protection of your child and has the needed strength to handle whatever a child puts it through. It is portable and can be easily carried by your child to school or for any outdoor activity. When it however comes to ice cold beverages, the contigo autospot gizmo is not built to be sweat proof.




This water bottle label is built with a lot of interesting and attractive features to entice kids into drinking plenty of fluids. It’s made with an easy flip straw and the lid is leak resistant and is designed to prevent spillage. This bottle label is crafted from non toxic materials and comes in varieties of designs, so you’ll have options when taking a pick for your baby shower or any occasion.


This water bottle label is perfect for a baby shower and should be amongst your considerations. It has an amazing thermal retention so you can be at peace knowing that whatever you put in (hot or cold) would not lose its temperature. The whipper sipper has a wide mouthed lid for unrestricted drinking and is perfect for kids that really love their liquids.


If you’re looking for a water bottle label that is stylish, sleek and colorful for your baby shower then the auto seal free ride water bottle is an amazing option. This water bottle label guarantees no leaks and zero spills. This label comes in two variants for you to choose from. One makes use of a sip id while the other integrates a flip id design. The auto seal free ride water bottle is also reusable owing to its revolutionary lid that is characteristic of autoseal technology.

When talking about water bottles and kids, it is paramount to simply go for the best. Water is vital to existence and only the best water bottle labels can guarantee a child’s liquid is free from toxins. The above are options you can choose from when planning your baby shower


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